Friday drinking activities began, as most Fridays do, with the Rule 37 cocktail of the week: The White Lady. Tasty. But there were also a couple beers in there, notably a Lakefront IPA, and a bomber of Blatant IPA shared with the Lady Friend. IPAs don’t get much better than […]

The Monday Hangover: April 7-8

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Yeah, this took awhile to complete. Sue me. Friday FINALLY came after another looooong (but warm) week. By the end of it, I was just crawling towards Friday night cocktails, and Rule 37. A large double whiskey sour followed […]

The Monday Hangover: Mar 17-18

Aside from the weekly Rule 37 drink this week, there wasn’t much to tell in a Monday Hangover post. At least, nothing noteworthy except Saturday night’s event: a beer tasting party featuring some brews from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. I was introduced to Lakefront a couple years ago while […]

A Sampling of Lakefront Brewery’s Brews

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Yes, it took me until Thursday to finish this post. We start, as always, with Friday evening. Instead of our usual cocktail adventures, the Lady Friend and I headed out to the Union Brewhouse to meet up with former […]

The Monday Hangover: Feb 11-12

Too many beers. That’s the only way to describe Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston. Their website claims 112 taps and 380 bottles. It’s out of control. Not that it’s a bad thing. Sunset at sunset. I don’t pretend to know much about Allston-Brighton. It’s over on the Green Line, […]

Sunset Grill and Tap. Mostly tap.

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Another week down. Friday night we skipped over our usual Rule 37 cocktail night to attend a party in Natick. It was the Irish Lad’s company holiday party, which I had bartended last year, and took on the role […]

The Monday Hangover: Dec 10-11

Repeal Day! A day for true celebration, as we mark the anniversary of the death of “The Noble Experiment,” Prohibition. A little background: basically the country was going down the tubes because people drank WAY more alcohol back in the day than we do now. We’re talking like five gallons […]

The Repeal Day Celebration

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. It was a long week. At times it seemed to fly by, but that was countered by the times that dragged on for an eternity. Finally Friday came, and something strong and warming was called for. That wound up […]

The Monday Hangover: Dec 3-4

Modern Drunkard Magazine’s articleThe 86 Rules of Boozing, by Frank Kelly Rich states: Rule 37. Try one new drink each week. The Rule 37 series of posts chronicle my attempts to accomplish this feat every week. For the recipes of R37s past, click the Htf do I make these drinks? […]

Rule 37: Champagne Night!

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Following last weekend’s trip to Cal-ee-for-nee-ah, it was nice to get back into the weekly routine of cocktail night on Friday. There were Rule 37 fufillments, a whiskey sour made with an overripe lemon (yargh… not recommended) and a […]

The Monday Hangover: Nov 12-13

A couple months ago, I was in a meeting at work to view some upcoming TV pilots. One of the network sales women said something (I’m still not sure what it was) and caused our media manager to immediately turn to her and demand “Are you a TURTLE??” “Uh… no…?” […]

Are YOU a Turtle?