New York

Ok, I’ve got to get this out of the way right now. That song goes through my head every time I think of the name “Albany Pump Station.” Pump it up A little more Get your body moving on the dance floor Have I started yet? I have? Ok. The […]

‘CuseQuest Bonus Round: Albany Pump Station

Oh there was way too much wine fun to put into one post. I’m also trying to mention wine as little as possible, which has been working out quite well so far. Onward to the rest of the day! This is what the Lakes Region looks like. Yeah, it’s mostly […]

‘CuseQuest Part 5: MORE Wine

Mama noooooooooo! Wine day. No more Beeracuse; time for the Finger Lakes region and many many (many) wineries and vineyards. What a c-bomb. OW! OW! STOP HITTING ME! I MEANT “COMPROMISE!” Geez. “Compromise” is the c-bomb I was referring to. Stupid compromise. That’s how I talked the Lady Friend into […]

‘CuseQuest! Part 4: Wine Day

Whew. Way too much in the last post to try to squeeze in Empire, which deserves a little space. Empire Brewing Company is down on Walton Street in Armory Square, a historical part of downtown Syracuse. The armory (now the Museum of Science and Technology, or M.O.S.T.) was built in […]

‘CuseQuest! Part 3: Beer Day Cont’d – EMPIRE

Labor Day Weekend. A chance to get away from New England for a bit and continue the drinking adventures a bit farther from home. Due to the Lady Friend’s small cache of available vacation time, we decided to take advantage of Monday’s holiday and skedaddle. But where to? Syracuse! Tha […]

‘CuseQuest! Part 1: The Arrival, Faegan’s, Chuck’s