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This here is Part Six of the Grand Caliventure of November 2011. For Part 1, make the clicking to here. Saturday started bright and early with the arrival of Sissy. She had driven into SFO from whatever God-forsaken wilderness camp she teaches at. Apparently it was snowing there that morning, […]

Soused in SanFran – Part 6: Wine Day. Ugh.

Oh there was way too much wine fun to put into one post. I’m also trying to mention wine as little as possible, which has been working out quite well so far. Onward to the rest of the day! This is what the Lakes Region looks like. Yeah, it’s mostly […]

‘CuseQuest Part 5: MORE Wine

Mama noooooooooo! Wine day. No more Beeracuse; time for the Finger Lakes region and many many (many) wineries and vineyards. What a c-bomb. OW! OW! STOP HITTING ME! I MEANT “COMPROMISE!” Geez. “Compromise” is the c-bomb I was referring to. Stupid compromise. That’s how I talked the Lady Friend into […]

‘CuseQuest! Part 4: Wine Day

New Bedford, on the south coast of Massachusetts was once one of the most important whaling ports in the world, along with Nantucket. Herman Melville lived and worked in New Bedford, and wrote the novel Moby Dick in the early 1850s. When whaling died out, the town industry turned to […]

New Bedford

So it’s come to this. A wine post. Yikes. I’ll down a beer, savor a cocktail and wax poetic on the magical properties of a good whiskey, but when it comes to wine… that’s my exit on the highway of booze. However, Lady Friend is a big fan, and chose […]

Wining and Whining

Back in early May, the Lady Friend and I ventured back up to our Moo Hampshire homeland for a Mothers’ Day visit to our respective parental units. It had been a tradition in her family that they do some sort of event and/or dinner on the Saturday preceding Mothers’ Day, […]

Flag Hill Winery