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V5 Bourbon, the latest release from Smoky Quartz Distillery, is a limited-edition, small batch, single mash, seven-month-old, 90 proof, New Hampshire bourbon. It’s very tasty. You should get some. The end. More? Oh, very well. Smoky Quartz Distillery, as you may recall from our recent tour, is a veteran-owned and […]

SQD V5 Bourbon. Made by Veterans, for Veterans. And Everyone Else.

You hear a lot about Belgian- or German-style beers, but Mexican? Banded Horn Brewing Company’s Wicked Bueno “Mexican-style lager” is gunning for Corona with this one, though the other rivals of Tecate, Pacifico, Sol, Dos Equis and Modelo are also in the crosshairs. Wow. That’s a lot of NAFTA beer. […]

Wicked Bueno: Corona, Maine-style

I’ll be drinking my way back to Beer Camp With a burn-ing love insiiiiiiide So Beer Camp is a thing. Specifically a nation-wide invite to all craft brewers to join a seven-city tour of brewfests put on by Sierra Nevada. Guess where the New England stop is? No, really, guess. […]

Drinking My Way Back to Beer Camp

Rum-ble? So I got a bunch of new, somewhat local, rums recently from a variety of sources. Some gifts, some smuggling requests, some I just plain bought. So I’m going to line them up and try them side by side. Sounds like a fun afternoon for me. All of these […]


YES. The first of the Bully Boy aged spirits. FINALLY. Now I get to take you to whiskey school. You might learn something. Plus, how awesome does “whiskey school” sound? Bully! So. Bully Boy’s American Straight Whiskey. It’s a small-batch craft whiskey coming out of Boston by (very tall) distillers […]

Review: Bully Boy American Straight Whiskey

Remember how I used to write this blog thing? Yeah, me too. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, which was unexpected, but not entirely unproductive. Lots of content built up, so expect some new posts. In the meantime, Mayflower. UPDATE: Since posting this review and trekking to Plymouth, […]

Review: Mayflower 5th Anniversary DIPA

“It’s a chalice, not a glass.” So, I belong to a word-of-mouth marketing group called BzzAgent. Every once in awhile they send me some free stuff, and I tell people about it. Pretty simple. Occasionally, they have BOOZE stuff, which is pretty much why I signed up in the first […]

Review: Stella Artois Chalice

So, Ninkasi Brewing Company just started following me on teh Twitterz! They’re a West-Coast brewery doing about 56,000 bbls of beer (if facts from Wikipedia can be believed) out in Eugene, Oregon, and they’re one of the fastest growing. It was started in 2006 by two guys, Jamie and Nikos, […]

Review: Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout

I certainly hope you’ve heard of Blatant Beer by now. If not, prepare for a trip to the liquor store. BLATANT! Brewery is the ale-producing offspring of brewer/owner Matthew Steinberg, Massachusetts brewing legend. He’s been involved with breweries such as Offshore Ale, Harpoon, Rapscallion, and helped Drew Brousseau with his […]

Review: Why BLATANT beer is awesome and you should buy some.

One of the benefits of being a drink blogger, is that you occasionally get some free samples sent your way. In fact, that was the whole reason I started this blog; I saw other bloggers getting stuff to review, and I got jealous. Then I decided since I was doing […]

Review: GTD Wire Works American Gin

Finally, we come to the the final installment of my Bully Boy product line reviews. That is, until their aged stuff has finished properly aging. Which is taking FOR-EV-ERRRR. Sidebar: if you can find a way to either accelerate or restrict the aging process, then either alcohol producers or Baby […]

Review: Bully Boy White Whiskey

About a month ago I got an email from Flag Hill Winery & Distillery. I’ve been on their mailing list for quite awhile, having done their Harvest Fest before, and visited again last year with the Lady Friend, Sissy, and the Mother of the Lady Friend. They tasted the wine, […]

Review: Flag Hill General John Stark Vodka