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You hear a lot about Belgian- or German-style beers, but Mexican? Banded Horn Brewing Company’s Wicked Bueno “Mexican-style lager” is gunning for Corona with this one, though the other rivals of Tecate, Pacifico, Sol, Dos Equis and Modelo are also in the crosshairs. Wow. That’s a lot of NAFTA beer. […]

Wicked Bueno: Corona, Maine-style

“It’s a chalice, not a glass.” So, I belong to a word-of-mouth marketing group called BzzAgent. Every once in awhile they send me some free stuff, and I tell people about it. Pretty simple. Occasionally, they have BOOZE stuff, which is pretty much why I signed up in the first […]

Review: Stella Artois Chalice

Yet another travel series that I never seem to finish. This one tells the tales of our Milwaukee adventures in late March of 2012. We went there to do some serious drinking. Oh, and also Trevtastic got married. Yeah, some girl actually married that boy. But still, it was a […]

Mil-wacky in March, Part 4: Miller Brewery

Aside from the weekly Rule 37 drink this week, there wasn’t much to tell in a Monday Hangover post. At least, nothing noteworthy except Saturday night’s event: a beer tasting party featuring some brews from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. I was introduced to Lakefront a couple years ago while […]

A Sampling of Lakefront Brewery’s Brews

I love tv. A lot. Seriously. I watch it more than I know is healthy. And do unhealthy things while watching it, like drink beer and eat fatty food. But it’s comforting. When I went through a period of underemployment, my tv helped me through it, and despite the personal […]

TVs in bars/ Stoddard’s

This here is Part Two of the Grand Caliventure of November 2011. For Part 1, make the clicking to here. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a long one. The dawn did done diddly dawned Thursday morning as JJ and her husband scurried about the apartment […]

Soused in SanFran – Part 2: SFO D1

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Naturally, the weekend started with a trip to Curtis Liquors for some beer browsing. I had recently heard of Backlash Beer Company, and happened to see their two brews, Convergence and Groundswell on the shelves. Of course, they wound […]

The Monday Hangover: Oct 22-23

Today was a suck day. Just one of those days where things start off bright, shiny and happy, and then the world spreads its cheeks and drops a steamer right in your lap. Then, you stand up to push it off, and it plops onto your brand new shoes. That […]

Terrible Tuesdays Call For Some XXX