Imperial IPA

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Following last weekend’s trip to Cal-ee-for-nee-ah, it was nice to get back into the weekly routine of cocktail night on Friday. There were Rule 37 fufillments, a whiskey sour made with an overripe lemon (yargh… not recommended) and a […]

The Monday Hangover: Nov 12-13

Octoberfest season! The ol’ SquirrelFartsMail inbox started lighting up a couple weeks ago with notices of various autumnal October/Oktober festival drinking opportunities (I subscribe to quite a few drink-related newsletters). I generally avoid the larger gatherings, preferring smaller venues with easier (quicker) access to the beer. I don’t like crowds; […]

Das Oktoberfestenmunchenpretzeldrinkenbieren, jah!

Ok. So I’ll admit that the cocktail end of these ramblings have turned mostly beer-centric with many brewery/ brewpub tours n’ tastings. But I’m running this show, and beer is tasty, so here’s another brewery tour. Another glittering brewery frontage. Blue Hills Brewery is located in Canton, MA near the […]

There’s a Brewery in Them Thar Blue Hills