Cambridge Brewing Company

Friday drinking activities began, as most Fridays do, with the Rule 37 cocktail of the week: The White Lady. Tasty. But there were also a couple beers in there, notably a Lakefront IPA, and a bomber of Blatant IPA shared with the Lady Friend. IPAs don’t get much better than […]

The Monday Hangover: April 7-8

Ugh. Cambridge, The People’s Republic of. For those of you not familiar with the area, it’s called that due to the extreme liberal-hippie-happy-friendly-environmental-more bike lanes-fewer cars-save the whales, bunnies and tsetse flies-hipster-aged college professor-drive a Prius-shop at Whole Foods-mentality. It’s like an east coast mini-San Francisco, and one of the […]

You down with CBC? Yeah, you know me

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Why is the sun setting before 4pm? Ugh. It’s about time for the days to start getting longer. I’m tired of driving home in the dark. Friday night was, as per the usual, Rule 37 Cocktail night. The Lady […]

The Monday Hangover: Dec 17-18