So the Lady Friend and I took a day trip up to our home state of Moo Hampsha for some good ol’ Granite State boozing. This is Part I of the adventure. For those who may have missed it, there’s a handy map on my White Birch Brewing post that […]

Drink Free or Die Part II: Frank Jones Brewing

Ugh. Cambridge, The People’s Republic of. For those of you not familiar with the area, it’s called that due to the extreme liberal-hippie-happy-friendly-environmental-more bike lanes-fewer cars-save the whales, bunnies and tsetse flies-hipster-aged college professor-drive a Prius-shop at Whole Foods-mentality. It’s like an east coast mini-San Francisco, and one of the […]

You down with CBC? Yeah, you know me

This here is Part Two of the Grand Caliventure of November 2011. For Part 1, make the clicking to here. Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a long one. The dawn did done diddly dawned Thursday morning as JJ and her husband scurried about the apartment […]

Soused in SanFran – Part 2: SFO D1

Mini road trip! This weekend’s adventure was a trek down Route 3 to Plymouth, MA, for a tour of the Mayflower Brewery and some bar-hopping in downtown Plymouth. One of my former coworkers lives down there, and is always up for shenanigans in town, though I’m fond of saying that […]

Mayflower Brewery

Ok. So I’ll admit that the cocktail end of these ramblings have turned mostly beer-centric with many brewery/ brewpub tours n’ tastings. But I’m running this show, and beer is tasty, so here’s another brewery tour. Another glittering brewery frontage. Blue Hills Brewery is located in Canton, MA near the […]

There’s a Brewery in Them Thar Blue Hills

So, I’m not sure how many people noticed it, but ran an alarming article last week (Aug 4, 2011) titled “Rule change alarms small brewers.” The article discussed the farmer-brewer licensing rule in Massachusetts. Basically, this rule allows smaller, startup breweries to be licensed as a farmer-brewery collaboration, which […]

V-MA Day: Victory in Massachusetts