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I love tv. A lot. Seriously. I watch it more than I know is healthy. And do unhealthy things while watching it, like drink beer and eat fatty food. But it’s comforting. When I went through a period of underemployment, my tv helped me through it, and despite the personal […]

TVs in bars/ Stoddard’s

The Monday Hangover: Other drink adventures of note from the weekend. Wowsers. I might actually publish a Monday Hangover post on a Monday. Friday started with a break in the usual routine. The Lady Friend was off to have dinner with some friends in Charlestown, and I had some projects […]

The Monday Hangover: Jan 28-29

Apparently, I’ve been nominated for “CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards 2011.” I have no idea how, but it’s somewhat awesome sounding. So you should go vote for me. Because I am somewhat awesome. And you are somewhat awesome for reading this somewhat awesome blog. Vote! Vote here: A Vote […]

Best Boston Blogger?

Last week, Lady Friend clued me in to something she noticed while flipping through the Improper Bostonian. It seems that a craft distillery had opened in Boston. A. Craft. Distillery. In Boston. Let’s just get everybody on the same page here. A distillery. Not a brewery. Breweries make beer. We […]

Bully Boy!

For the past couple months, Lady Friend and I had been discussing a road trip up to Vermont, and perhaps Canada. I’ve been mulling it over since about a year ago, when I learned of the existence of Alberta Premium, a 100% rye Canadian whisky. As a rye lover, I […]

Alberta Premium