So, last Friday night I went to Bully Boy’s speakeasy party. It was pretty sweet. Let me explain. A couple months ago, the Bully Boys started dropping hints on Facebook and Twitter that they were going to throw an exclusive bash to celebrate their one year anniversary of the distillery. […]

The Bully Boy Speakeasy

This here is Part Three of the Grand Caliventure of November 2011. For Part 1, make the clicking to here. I’ll try to break these up a bit more for readability and sanity. Mostly my sanity. Also, we’ve just gotten to Friday morning, so Sissy, you’re going to have to […]

Soused in SanFran – Part 3: SFO D2 Magnolia

I had entered a couple photos in a local art show Friday night, so our cocktail night was a bit delayed. Lady Friend started with wine at the show, then switched over to beer for dinner at the Union Brewhouse, where we each checked two more brews off of our […]

Rule 37: The Boulevardier

Ok, I’ve got to get this out of the way right now. That song goes through my head every time I think of the name “Albany Pump Station.” Pump it up A little more Get your body moving on the dance floor Have I started yet? I have? Ok. The […]

‘CuseQuest Bonus Round: Albany Pump Station

This is Part Two of an ongoing series chronicling the Maine Beercation of late July, 2011. To start at Part One, click here. Aaaaaaaaallagash-y where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet When the beer isn’t made from barley graaaaaain Yikes. Enough […]

Upta Potlind, Paht 2: Allagash

This is Part Five of an ongoing series chronicling the Grand Beercation of July 2011. To start at Part One, click here. 3 Needs A fantastically divey taproom. 3 Needs is only about a block away from the madness of Church St in Burlington, but you’d walk right past it […]

Beercation 2011: Part 5, 3 Needs