This is Part Four of an ongoing series chronicling the Grand Beercation of July 2011. To start at Part One, click here. American Flatbread What is this so-called pizza’ed pie? Post Magic Hat, we checked into our hotel and called a cab to drive us downtown for an evening of […]

Beercation 2011: Part 4, American Flatbread

This is Part Three of an ongoing series chronicling the Grand Beercation of July 2011. To start at Part One, click here. Magic Hat Oh so Vermonty. Following a tour of Switchback Brewery, it was off to South Burlington to pop into Magic Hat Brewery. Arguably Vermont’s most well-known brewery, […]

Beercation 2011: Part 3, Magic Hat Brewery

This is Part Two of an ongoing series chronicling the Grand Beercation of July 2011. For Part One, click here. Switchback! I don’t know why I put an exclamation point there. It just seemed right. Ok. I had never heard of Switchback before this trip, but it was one of […]

Beercation 2011: Part 2, Switchback Brewery

I had been thinking of a quick blast up to Canada for some time for the specific purpose of acquiring a certain whisky, until Lady Friend came along. Between the two of us, we decided to expand it to a tour of several Vermont breweries, and a night in Montreal. […]

Beercation 2011: Part 1, Enter the Vermont

Back in early May, the Lady Friend and I ventured back up to our Moo Hampshire homeland for a Mothers’ Day visit to our respective parental units. It had been a tradition in her family that they do some sort of event and/or dinner on the Saturday preceding Mothers’ Day, […]

Flag Hill Winery

I’m not sure how the Lady Friend and I began discussing pisco, but we finally procured a bottle to try. Her sister had been in Peru for some time and raved about the liquor, but by the time we developed an interest in trying it, she was already back home, […]

Gettin’ Pisco’d

The 86 Rules of Boozing, by Frank Kelly Rich, posted on Modern Drunkard Magazine’s website, chronicles a wonderful collection of guidelines for the intrepid imbiber. One in particular that I personally try to follow is Rule Number 37, “Try one new drink each week.” As the Lady Friend and I […]

Rule 37: Satan’s Whiskers

My current Lady Friend has come to share in my interest of cocktails. She’s a tequila gal, which leaves my whisky splendidily available for my sole consumption. Over the course of our time together, I have been encouraging her to start a small home bar of her own. Due to […]

The $50 Manhattan

Glass photography 101, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Avoid Reflections. Rule number one of glass photography is to be aware of reflections. Glass will unmercifully reveal your light sources, should you put them anywhere near its surface. The trick? Shoot through it. Don’t light glass directly, but […]

Intro to Glass Photography

Negroni I
My first Negroni. – 1.5oz Hendricks gin – 1.5oz Martini & Rosso sweet vermouth – 1.5oz Campari Stir in chilled old fashioned glass. Garnish with orange peel. I’m not a great lover of gin, but I’m making an effort to be civil. We get along fine in front of others, […]

So it goes