Mayflower Cooper’s Series: Squanto Farmhouse Ale

mayflower_squanto_loresA new release from Mayflower Brewing Company in their limited-edition Cooper’s Series four-packs, Squanto Farmhouse Ale is an easy-going, tasty saison, perfect for spring. Traditionally, saisons (French for “season), or farmhouse ales, were, well, ales, brewed by, um, farmers during the winter months, then left to ferment and condition until the warmer weather. This is a field beer, something to drink while planting crops. Since I planted my corn seedlings today (a feat I am ridiculously proud of and would be amazed if I got actual edible ears of corn growing in my yard), this was the perfect beer. Mayflower Brewery’s retail manager/queen of the taproom/social media matriarch Sarah scored me some sumptuous Squanto, so it gets a review. Yep. Give me your beer, I give you my words. And pictures. And liver ultrasound medical bills.

Mayflower’s Cooper’s Series is a rotating release of limited-edition small batch brews. Previously in 22oz bombers, the series is now distributed in four-packs of 12oz bottles. On the heels of Alden, a delectable double IPA (that I hope returns in a future release, or even in the year-round lineup), comes Squanto a 6% abv saison. Named for the Native American Tisquantum, who helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter and taught them to cultivate corn, the saison style is a perfect tribute to one of the first leaders of American colonist agriculture. Without his assistance, the weakened Pilgrims would have possibly probably almost definitely perished.

So let’s crack a Squanto for Tisquantum and have a taste.

mayflower_squanto_lineup_loresAppearance: Straw yellow color, unfiltered, with a bright excitable lacy head. Initially foamy, settles quickly.

Nose: Lemon citrus, floral with an earthy funk, slight honey/candied sweetness, and a little clove spice snap.

Taste: Lemon, with nearly-sticky sweetness. The funky yeast lends a very mild tart bitter, like sour cherries, to balance the initial sweetness. Light body, easy carbonation, smooth.

mayflower_squanto_laydown_loresIt’s quite good.

Belgian/saison/farmhouse beers are not my preferred style, though I certainly appreciate a good one (living four miles away from Allagash Brewing has helped my Belgian education). Squanto lands right in the sweet spot: not too sugary, not too funky, not too tart. It’s a nice lighter beer but without session ale levels of alcohol. A yardwork beer, a spring beer, a farmer’s beer. Since I am now a farmer (shut up, planting corn totally counts), it’s my new farming beer.

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