Rule 37: The Grumpy Old Man

Modern Drunkard Magazine’s articleThe 86 Rules of Boozing, by Frank Kelly Rich states:
Rule 37. Try one new drink each week.
The Rule 37 series of posts chronicle my attempts to accomplish this feat every week.
For the recipes of R37s past, click the Htf do I make these drinks? tab.

This week was a pain in the backside. Too many ugly lookin people all wantin somethin and I’ll be damned if they’re gonna get it from ME. I’m in a grumpy old man mood, and wanted a grumpy old man drink. Preferably with whiskey. Lots.

This drink was just plain perfect.

It comes from the cocktail book “Old Man Drinks” which had been on my wish list for quite some time until the Lady Friend got me a copy as a holiday present.

It’s awesome.

Grumpy Old Man
The book states that the drink is so old that “it’s got ‘old man’ in the name.” It goes on to suggest using Old Grand-Dad bourbon whiskey to “rachet up the decrepitude.” Well, I don’t have any Old Grand-dad, but I did use Old Crow Reserve. Perfect.

– 2 oz bourbon (Bonus if it has “old” in the name)
– 1 oz lime juice
– Top with ginger ale

Quit messin around and drink. All you have to do is fill an old fashioned glass with ice, pour in the bourbon, then the lime juice, then top with ginger ale. Drink it and shut your yapper.

Yes, that’s my hat.
Yes, I do wear it.

Well, the drink is good. Simple and tasty. A bit too limey, and in the future I might take down the juice a bit, but the bourbon sweetness is certainly there. I’ve come to expect a bit more punch out of whiskey since I became a rye fan, so the bourbon isn’t as big and bold, but I suspect I’ll know it’s there after I pound down several of these. The ginger ale just adds a nice fizzy kick. It’s damn simple and damn tasty. Now get off my lawn.

Seriously. Go away.

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