The Monday Hangover: Feb 25-26

The Monday Hangover:
Other drink adventures of note from the weekend.

There will not be a Rule 37 drink post this week. On Friday, I went to Milwaukee for Trevtastic’s bachelor party. Apparently I picked the ONLY day this year that they’ve had snow (like the rest of the country).

What is this, Narnia?

…and that’s about it. That’s all I remember. I woke up again at Logan Airport last night.


I went to Mil-wacky and all I got was this lousy hangover.

So here’s a picture of Trevtastic from the LAST time I went to MKE, and had one of the top ten hangovers of my life.

Somebody is actually marrying him.

For those interested, I will be returning to MKE at the end of March, and will be formally touring and reviewing several local drink-related business, including Lakefront Brewery and Great Lakes Distilling.

That is all.
End communication.

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