Review: That Larry Fellow

Waaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaa-a-wah Chusettttttt!

If you don’t get that, you clearly haven’t spent a winter in New England.

The brew was an offering from Wachusett Brewing Company, and one often overlooked; Larry.

Larry’s a great guy. A double IPA with no ABV claim on the label (Beer Advocate says it’s 7.5%). He’s not a braggart, but simply keeps his mouth shut and gets the job done.

Nose: Lovely hop aroma. A citrus nose with sweetness behind it. Almost chewy caramel sugar.

Taste: A mildly syruped mouthfeel, but not too cloying. Instant malt sweetness, a gooey nectar, followed by not a punch, but more of a weak slap of hop, like a lazy cat batting at a string just out of reach. He wants it, but can’t be bothered enough to actually ease out of his reclining position.

Or he’s too drunk.

A mellow, almost skunky stale hop bitter, but it’s not overwhelming. This brew is incredibly well-balanced, and it makes it difficult to discern where the malt ends and the hop begins. That’s why this is such a popular big IPA… it’s accessible. Much like Stone IPA, or a Racer 5, Larry has a mellow West Coast style that’s a perfect dIPA introduction course. It’s got more flavor, and more alcohol, but it won’t tear donuts in your front lawn with a Camaro. Larry’s a fishin’ buddy. The one who works as an electrician… he’ll change a light switch or extend a circuit for a case of beer, but also has the son with a kickass R/C robot. There’s real genius in there, but you have to get to know him first. At first glance Larry might seem to easy-going to pay much attention to, but then his house can be seen from space around the holiday after he finishes his elaborate lighting displays.

Larry’s a local pal. A good neighbor. You should spend an afternoon getting to know him.

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